FOR The City Day 4 Devotional

FOR the City Devotional Day 4

READ Luke 5:27-32


In these scriptures we see how the religious leaders didn’t want to be associated with tax collectors. While the Pharisees would avoid the tax collectors and stay in their comfort zone, Jesus went into Levi’s home and ate with them. While the Pharisees looked down on tax collectors, Jesus had compassion for them. While they assumed God wanted nothing to do with these “sinners”, Jesus knew that God had a different story in mind.

God wants to write a story in the lives of those around you, and in your own life, but you rarely see God write exciting stories in your comfort zone. The reason is, that you don’t rely on God when you feel like you don’t need Him. God only shows up in your comfort zone in order to push you out.

Culture tells us comfort is the goal. Christianity tells us sharing Christ’s love is the goal.

When God calls you to be FOR the people along the road of life, He often is asking you to step out of your comfort zone. He’s asks you to step out and…

– Introduce, or reintroduce, yourself to someone you don’t know well or at all.

– Invite a neighbor over for coffee, even though your house is a mess.

– Have a family from work over for a BBQ so you can get to know them.

– Help someone in a messy situation.

When God prompts you to step out of our comfort zone you often feel the emotion of FEAR. Negative assumptions are the fertilizer for fear;

– If I introduce myself, it could be so awkward and they’ll think I’m weird.

– If they see my house is messy, they’ll think I’m a bad parent.

– If I have them over for a BBQ, maybe no one will know what to say.

– If I open up my life to this family’s messy situation, I’ll get in over my head.

Now the truth is, 95% of our negative assumptions never come true. It’s almost always better than expected.

So here’s the question, what if you based your actions on the foundation of faith instead of on your assumptions of fear?

– Who knows what story God can start with one introduction? Maybe they’ll become a great friend!

– Regardless of my house, maybe this conversation is exactly what they need today. Maybe God will show up in this conversation.

– Maybe this BBQ will be the beginning of a great friendship and a real encouragement to them.

– Maybe the hope of talking to you will help this person survive their messy life one more day.

Step out, knowing that no matter how it goes, God is FOR you, God is FOR them, and He is responsible for outcomes. You are responsible to be Jesus to the people around you. Step out knowing He is the foundation of your faith!


When stepping out of your comfort zone, base your assumptions on your faith, not your fear.


This week, choose to step out of your comfort zone and be FOR someone in your life. People won’t know that God is for them, if they don’t know that you are FOR them. Who knows what story God will write in their life? Who knows what He will do in your heart?


God, this week as I step out of my comfort zone and choose to be FOR the people in my city, I pray that you would show up. I know you want to write a story in my life, and with my life. I pray that when you prompt me to be FOR someone, that I would first look to the foundation of my faith, not the assumptions of my fear.