How to Invite Someone to Church

How to Invite Someone to Church

It’s not only easier than you think, it could change a life forever!

It can be awkward inviting someone to church. We have fears about the relationship changing. What if they think we’re weird, or worse what if they think we’re just friends with them so we can invite them to church? So many things can run through our mind. The list of reasons to wait to invite a friend to church will always be there.

Yet the reason you attend a church is, somewhere along the way, someone decided to take a risk and invite you or one of your family members to church. They knew that everything would change if you or your family member heard about Jesus, if you saw life-changing community unfold before you. They most likely had some of the fears and anxiety that you experience about inviting someone to church. But they came to the conclusion, “I have to invite this person to my church.” So, they worked up the courage.

But how do you know if it is time to take that risk? How do you do it? How do you know if you should invite someone?

What if I told you there where some clues to look for? What if once you learned these clues you would know exactly what to look for. Yes, it can be that simple.

There are clues to listen to when you talk to someone. Andy Stanley calls these “the not cues.” When you hear a person say something like, “Things are not going well.” Or, “I’m not prepared for…” Or, “I am not from here, we just moved to the area.”

I assure you when you hear any of these, know it is worth the risk. Often a person who says these things is searching for something. They may not think it is Jesus, but it is. 

If you hear any of these you have the answer they are looking for. You should immediately think, “I have to invite this person to my church.”

Another way is to know what your church is preaching on and find someone who would benefit from that. Maybe you church is doing a series on Joy, and you have a friend that is struggling. Or maybe your church is doing a series on marriage, and you have a friend who is struggling in their marriage. Invite them! It might be a series on apologetics, and you have a friend who loves to argue about religion or has questions about who Jesus is and why Christianity is true. Invite them. It might be a series on worry and you know that they are struggling with worry. Invite them!

Once you decide to take the risk, and hopefully you do, the next question is how. That is an awkward moment. I remember in the past inviting a friend to church, and when they didn’t come I thought, “Great, now it’s going to be weird the next time I see them” But you know what, it usually isn’t. When I see them later, it has always been fine. Life moved on, so don’t fear. However, I am waiting to hear one of the “nots” again and when I do I plan to ask them again.

There are also simple ways you can invite people that we sometimes overlook. You can text, email, share a Facebook event page or post. Or of course you can have a conversation or simply hand someone an invite card. 

Once they come take them out to lunch afterward to answer questions they have or simply to hang out with them. Be sure when you bring them to introduce them to people. Your church family will love to meet them.

Let me end with this.

You never know when a simple invite can change a life.  Hopefully your life has changed because of attending your church. A simple invite is a chance to change someone’s life and eternity. You have the opportunity to help them find Jesus. 

One of the things we do at The Bridge Church is to make it as easy as possible. Look for post to share that we post.

Tag them in one of our post or simply share the live service on your page.

So, Check out our Facebook page and share something valuable to invite your friends this Sunday!

As the next few weeks go by, keep your ears open and listen for one of the “three nots” or listen for when their need matches a series being done at your church. When that happens take the risk and invite them to church. You will be glad you did!