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Orange-Parent-Cue-Circles-300x168What if you could connect and apply what your kids are learning on Sunday throughout the week as a family?! The Bridge Church philosophy is that the children have the very best chance of growing in faith and learning how to follow Jesus, not from simply going to church, but from the faith experiences and tradition they have at home.

In the simplest of terms the Parent Cue is an app that allows you to live out the words of Deuteronomy 6 by offering you things to share with your kids when you get up, when you lie down and when you walk drive along the road. It includes videos, Bible stories, podcasts and music all designed to reinforce a lesson being taught in church that week. But even if your church doesn’t use the Orange curriculum, this is still a great tool to have in your electronic toolbox with cue boxes for both preschool and elementary.Parent Cue App

The Parent Cue app offers resources for those every day moments that happen
away from home:

Drive Time offers weekly videos retelling
Bible stories and music that you and your
kid will love.

Hang Time gives weekly activities your
family will enjoy and fun monthly videos.

Meal Time provides discussion starters for kids and parents to help you take conversations a bit deeper.

Parent Time is full of insight, information, and encouragement just for parents.

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