Matthew Prather - May 3, 2020

I Am The Vine

Pastor Matthew Prather speaks about what Jesus meant when He stated to His disciples "I am the vine." It is a truth that we can cling to in our world's current state: that Jesus is the source of our strength & that connection to Him is our life-line.

From Series: "I AM"

“Who do you say that I am?” was a question that Jesus asked His disciples. After three years of being with them, teaching them, loving them, serving them and leading them, He wanted to know who they really thought He was and what they thought He was all about. This is such a great question. This question is just as important today. It really is the ultimate question of human history. Who is Jesus? Many people have differing opinions; however, I can think of no more powerful way to begin exploring who Jesus is than to look at what He said about Himself. To get a clearer picture of Jesus and all that He is, we will look at the seven “I AM” statements Jesus makes about Himself. Over the next several weeks, we will dive into these powerful statements from the book of John. For centuries people have encountered Jesus in new and transformative ways as they discover the essence of who He is as described in these I AM declarations. Who do you say that He is?

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