Matthew Prather - August 30, 2020

Lies we believe.

Our perspective is not the same as God’s perspective. Impossible situations will always seem impossible until we are able to see God’s perspective on them. We see limitations and overwhelming odds, while God sees opportunity. In order to perceive God’s perspective, we have to: 1) Ask Him for it and 2) Be willing to see what He shows us. The sign for Gideon was that God could use 300 fighters to defeat a massive army, because God had prepared the way for the victory.

From Series: "The Hidden Option"

We live in a polarized world. We want everything to fit in box A or B, option 1 or 2. Fight or flight. Black or white. Left or right. But the Bible is filled with unexpected, hidden options. In this two-week series, “The Hidden Option” will explore how God can take seemingly impossible situations and use them for his glory. Our God is bigger than just two options. Jesus is the lion and the lamb. God is completely just and He extends grace. Those things seem like impossibilities, but they are actually hidden options. By learning to find hidden options, you can become a better spouse, a better employee, a better friend, and even a better follower of Christ.

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