Matthew Prather - March 7, 2021

Our Hearts are exposed

Our hearts are exposed. All of a sudden people discover what is in there. When I asked the question a couple minutes ago something terrible came to your mind didn’t it. You're in church and it still came to your mind. You're listening to a sermon and it just popped up right? We learn to monitor our behavior. We learn how to behave at school. Or at home. I mean most of us monitor our behavior pretty well. But no one has even taught us… In fact we are not even encouraged to monitor what is going on in our hearts. In fact even worse than that our culture often encourages us to follow our hearts. Is that a good idea. It all depends on what is in there.

From Series: "Jesus Said"

We’re all familiar with at least some of the things Jesus said. But have you ever wondered what he meant? In our new message series, we’ll be exploring some of the fascinating, strange, and even controversial things that Jesus said.

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